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Custom Knee Bracing

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What are custom knee braces?

Custom knee braces are designed to provide support and stability for the knee joint, helping to reduce pain, protect against further injury, and improve mobility. The brace is designed to fit an individual’s specific measurements and is often made from lightweight materials such as neoprene or plastic. It helps to stabilize the joint, improve mobility, and reduce pressure on the knees. 

At Hamilton Physio & Rehab, our Physiotherapists are trained to recommend and fit the proper custom knee brace for your specific injury or post-operative needs. Our therapists will use specialized instruments to take precise measurements of your leg to ensure the best fit possible.

What conditions can they help with?

  • Patellar instability
  • ACL/MCL injuries
  • Meniscus tears
  • Arthritis
  • Other knee-related issues


How are they made? 

Custom Knee Braces are made specifically for you. Your leg is measured through precise instruments and a brace made of a composite of materials will be used to form your custom brace allowing it to be supportive, lightweight and most importantly, functional in your daily activities. 

Custom knee braces are typically made from lightweight materials such as neoprene or plastic and are customized to fit an individual's specific measurements. They can also include additional features such as straps, hinges, or other support elements to provide more stability and comfort. The design of the brace will depend on the severity of the injury or condition, so it is important to consult with a doctor or physical therapist for proper guidance.

Where are they made? 
We are a provider of DONJOY/ BREG knee braces which are made of various light weight composite materials, are comfortable to wear, and provide support and functionality with everyday activities or sports-specific needs. At Hamilton Physio & Rehab, all our Physiotherapists have received training to recommend and fit custom knee braces for your specific condition. We are able to measure and tailor braces for the same.
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