Work Hardening Program

Intensive treatment for return-to-work rehabilitation

Work-Hardening  is an individualized, interdisciplinary rehabilitation program consisting of progressive, work-related exercises in a controlled environment with the main goal of returning to work. The program targets the conditioning of musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems with work-related activities to transition the patient back into full-time work duties/demands.

Essentially, a work hardening program consists of of 1/3 cardiovascular training tasks to increase endurance of the worker, 1/3 injury specific tasks, to ensure stabilization of the affected or injured area, and lastly, 1/3 work simulated activities specifically focused on the essential and critical demands of the job.

Goals of Work Hardening:

  1. Education on injury and how to manage pain independently.
  2. Increase strength, mobility, and flexibility in accordance with patients' needs.
  3. Increase functional capacity and endurance for work-related activities.
  4. Increase patient confidence and trust with activity.
  5. Goals tailored to return patients back to work similar to their pre-injured state.

Hamilton Physio & Rehab handles a vast amount of work hardening programs tailored specifically to each individual. Our experience and expertise within this field has helped many of our patients return to work in a safe, progressive manner. Get the treatment you deserve. Contact us today.

Functional Movement Examples

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