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Work Hardening Program

» Work Hardening Program
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What is the Work Hardening Program?

Work-Hardening  is an individualized, interdisciplinary rehabilitation program consisting of progressive, work-related exercises in a controlled environment with the main goal of returning to work. The program targets the conditioning of musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems with work-related activities to transition the patient back into full-time work duties/demands.

Essentially, a work hardening program consists of of 1/3 cardiovascular training tasks to increase endurance of the worker, 1/3 injury specific tasks, to ensure stabilization of the affected or injured area, and lastly, 1/3 work simulated activities specifically focused on the essential and critical demands of the job.

Who is the Work Hardening Program for?

Work hardening programs in physical therapy typically pertain to individuals who have suffered a workplace injury or illness and need to return to their job. These programs involve gradually increasing the intensity of activities such as lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling in order to build strength and endurance. 

What is the goal of the program?

The goal of work hardening is to help the individual safely return to their job while reducing the risk of reinjury or further complications.

Broken down KPI’s of our program include: 

  1. Education on injury and how to manage pain independently.
  2. Increase strength, mobility, and flexibility in accordance with patients' needs.
  3. Increase functional capacity and endurance for work-related activities.
  4. Increase patient confidence and trust with activity.
  5. Goals tailored to return patients back to work similar to their pre-injured state.
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